C'est l'extase langoureuse

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Xavi Heredia (Badalona (almost Barcelona), Kazakhstan) on 9 May 2010 in Plant & Nature and Portfolio.

"C'est l'extase langoureuse,
C'est la fatigue amoureuse,

Ariettes Oubliées, C. Debussy. D'après un poème de P. Verlaine.

Seleccionada com // Featured as "La imagen de la semana, Barcelona Photobloggers".

No m'agrada explicar les meves fotos, però crec que aquesta val la pena. Això és un extracte de la secció de crítica de 1X //
I don't like to explain my photos, but in this case I think it is worth it. This is an excerpt from the critique section of 1X:

"At a first reading, I expect the photo to transmit several sensations: quietness, freshness, mood, intimacy. At a second reading this two tulips sharing the same stem symbolize the last moment of sexual intimacy between two lovers: the darkness, the solitude, the quietness, the two bodies and lips and souls melted, the beads of sweat (and saliva, and tears), the anxiety for the separation, the fatigue after love,... "C'est l'extase langoureuse... C'est la fatigue amoureuse""